• 95 b18 hatch plus up to 2k *test waters*

    gotta start making daddy decisions so goodbye race car (potentially)...

    95 civic si (eh3) with b18c/y80

    kanjo inspired civic hatch:

    si from canada

    working sun/moon roof whatever, has tilt and retracts. Sometimes you have to help it up but it always retracts

    4 way disk factory

    manual windows (gotta love the si)

    b18c jdm gsr swapped

    gsr lsd tranny (y80)

    engine bay lightly wire tucked, not shaved or filled

    15in slips with re71r's 205/50 rear

    15in replica mugen rnr with nt01’s 205/50 front

    ff1 coils

    adjustable camber all around

    tuned by redzone in antioch as of early 2016


    comp test jan 15,2017 210,210,210,210

    leak down jan 15,2017 94,92,96,82 (70-85 is low end of safe)

    scoped and found its exhaust valves cyl 4.

    just paid tags, nov of 2017

    jdm gsr b18c

    carb legal skunk2 intake mani

    lsd gsr y80 trans

    fully adjustable suspension, just needs to be aligned to your style

    racing tires! (just was at thunderhill feb 4th. Drove there, tracked, drove home without a hiccup)

    tuned so vtec hits at 5200, redline is 8800. Check engine light wired to come on at 8500 as a shift light

    mishi radiator with slim fan

    samco hoses on all but 1 heater hose behind motor (visually all you see is silicon)

    jdm black housing headlights

    amber corners, one broke and is taped on lol

    oem clear/red tails

    carbon fiber wing with clear fading

    mugen rep front strut brace

    rear x brace that runs from rear strut to frame rails in trunk

    quick release hub with extension (im tall)

    nardi wheel (that i would realllllyyyy prefer keeping, sentimental, any negotiations this is the first thing im keeping)

    i have the original si fronts and bench

    k tuned shifter with solid bushings, short shifter

    spoon accessories (doesnt sound like much til you price a spoon shift knob, rad cap and oil cap)

    dyno came up with 182hp/142tq but no pic so no proof. a single test drive and youll know it pulls strong tho

    light flywheel

    stage 1 exedy clutch

    braided brake lines all around

    just did rear wheel bearings

    just did both axles, oreilly, ill give you the number I bought them with so you can keep the life warranty

    just did brake master and dot4 fluid

    has a key fob alarm with a kill switch. Cant locate mechanism, but car wont start without hitting unlock on keys, i tried starting with just the key when I had a dead battery in the fob. Learning experience, ill tell ya


    NOT SMOGABLE WITH CURRENT TUNE way too aggressive. But the motor is bar’d and intake manifold has paperwork. Im not going to smog it before sale, that’s on you, but I can give you my smog guys number...

    driver window comes out of the weatherstrip half way up, window needs assistance for last half, i use the window literally daily (no a/c) so i can show you easily how to get it.

    no a/c

    no p/s

    no spare tire

    previous owner did the front bumper changes. Has reflectors under headlights, breather holes for the radiator and then another hole on the side to do either a side exit or a cold air. I have a short ram and am too lazy to fill the hole.

    incomplete interior

    temp control knob broke off but since theres no ac I never moved it anyway, it broke when I was messing with my radio. You can use a pocket knife to move it if you really want but its either hot air or no air

    odometer stopped counting at the turn of 189000

    no rear impact bar or absorber, rear bumper is cut half way up.

    small oil seep from under vtec/distributor area

    Speed is off by 10mph so 80 is actually 70

    i also have a full set of untouched re71r's in 205/50/15 that are track dot legal and i have a momo corse rookie not dot with no rails that can be added for additional value

    really want to trade it for some kind of upgrade. 8th gen si, manual tsx, big body lexus, something 4 door i can commute reliably but that doesnt totally take me away from a chance to tweak it. no ferios or ejs unless they have a type r or k swap. i have cash to potentially add if the racecar isnt enough.

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    • it also has 2 step tuned at 3800

    • Johnny Bueno

    • That track time?

    • asking for the lap time or? yeah i took it to thunderhill over the weekend. first and only time its been to the track but no times, too much traffic, just messed around with race lines and maxing g force out of the nt01s

    • edited pricing, need to off for bills