Like a few people I have the problem of wind buffeting over the screen I like...

Like a few people I have the problem of wind buffeting over the screen, I like the look of the bike so I don't really want to put a larger screen or additional screen on the bike. I was wondering if any one had experience of lowering the bars or replacing the bars with flatter ones? Thanks for any and all suggestions.

  • I had the same problem but I got a MRA touring screen with a adjustable wind deflector , it helped but had to adapted it to

  • Hello Sean, have you allready checked if a higher or lower position is better. You get buffering only if the border of the airstream hit your helmet. If you are above or below, every thing is fine. Just raise and lower your head while riding, you will feel the changes.

  • Hi guys thanks for both pieces of advice. After a ride of my brother's Blackbird I realised just how comfortable the CBF's riding position is!!!

  • Hey mate, I know this is 4 months after your post but I solved the problem by raising the seat to the highest position and lowering the screen to lowest position. The wind now strikes my upper chest rather than flinging my head all over the place. I've done over 18,000 touring miles like this so it works for me.

  • I have the standard screen fitted in the lowest position which means your head is in free flowing air. Wind blast at 80 to 85mph crusing is fine even on motorway. I think if I really want full protection then a Pan or GS, but I don't want that kind of bike. It's all a compromise.