99 aero 1100 Flipped my reserve switch at 101 9 miles today Average between...

99 aero 1100. Flipped my reserve switch at 101.9 miles today. Average between 32 and 34 mpgs my first few tanks through it. What kind of milage are you guys getting out of your 1100's?

  • Can anyone verify .035" as a plug gap spec? Mine opened up to about .050.

  • Manual's at the top of the page...

  • I use an app called fuelly and input the miles and gallons at each fill up. It makes it easy to track.

    On my 750, my last ten fill ups average is 52.5mpg. And my best was 60.3mpg.

  • Mine is all over the board...31 or so all the way to 41 (last tank average). Drives me crazy

  • I ride on the interstates as little as possible, but at 70-75 I can usually only go about 100 miles before hitting the reserve. At 60-65, I go a lot farther, and I have recorded almost 50 mpg a couple of times just relaxed cruising on two-lane roads. And that is at 4000 feet altitude and higher. My '99 Aero has the Sabre Dynojet kit installed and really runs great, but my "old" totally stock 2000 did about the same. My wife's 2000 always goes a little farther than I do, but I figured that it is carrying less weight than mine!

  • I get better mileage with my Rocket 3 Touring, than I did with my Aero....

  • I'm getting about the same mileage.

    More importantly though, Where did you get that drivers seat back? I need one!

  • It's a Corbin seat. It slides out and has a Velcro Corbin tag that covers the hole

  • After a quick Google search I realized I know that bike. There's a couple in town here. I knew it was a big engine. I did not know it was 2.3 liters! Lol. No wonder it gets better milage. It only needs a small portion of that power to roll that bike. You ever pull a trailer with that beast?

  • Nope.... havent put a hitch on it... yet...

  • Nice! Would you recommend it?

  • I've only ridden it for a couple hours at a time but if feels great. Like I could do 8 and only be mildly saddle sore.

  • Riding style and speed have a huge effect on your MPG so its really hard to compare across riders... even the same rider under different circumstances. I once hit the reserve at 85 miles, but i was running about 90mph the whole time. Another time i went over 150 miles before needing the reserve but i was riding a steady 55 mph in a large group ride.

  • Also, remember that this time of the year you are probably running the winter mix of gas (depending on your part of the country) and mileage on the winter blend is in my experience at least 5 mpg less than the summer blend.

  • Good point Steve Thompson! There is more good info on this thought in the sub thread with myself and Steve Imboden a few posts up!

  • It also depends on whether you're riding one-up or two, if you have any cargo, what accessories you have, etc. Weight plays a big part in fuel mileage no matter what you're driving/riding.

  • Or if you're heavy enough to count as 2 up like I am. Hahaha!

  • Right there with ya, brother. lol Haven't seen the scale start with a number other than 3 in at least a decade.

  • I'm at 297 fully dressed, so I just took my back seat off. No riding 2 up for me. Lol

  • I still ride two-up with my wife rather often. I just don't lean it much.