A bad relationship between two people is like a Firestorm with standard...


A bad relationship between two people is like a Firestorm with standard tensioners:


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  • On the various VTR forums a lot of new owners eventually end up joining and asking what the "clack CLACK BOOM" noise is that their pride & joy is suddenly making - Here's a selection I compiled a while back (and yes mine went before I knew otherwise many moons ago at 35,000 miles at a steady 30 mph without warning costing me over £500, a new head and 2 months off the bike) Now at 60,000 miles with APEs and nary a problem .... http://www.superhawkforum.com/forums/technical-dis cussion-28/gamble-ccts-30252/#post353460

  • I put a video on my other fb page exhausist.com , you can hear what happens :-(

  • :-( :'( don't sound good

  • I fitted manuals to mine John Hinsby, runs great. The only reason it wouldn't run good after doing them is if something was stuffed up.

  • Hey dont get me wrong, I fitted mcct to my drz and it was an easy fix to a similar problem. The only thing I can see with the manuals not working is if they havent been installed correctly and or tensioned correctly, too tight, too lose. other than that I see no issues. I just wanted to make sure that this was the case as I need to do mine and there are two ways around this, manuals and stopper mod.....

  • Adjustment is the easy bit. :-)

  • I've just recently purchased an '03 and its got 22k on the clock, now I'm reading this thread thinking I'm going to have to go off and buy some manual CCT's. What are some of the tell tale signs of when it's going to let go ? Bike has a full service history but no note of if they've been changed already.

  • Not always tell tale signs as such, some of the other owners have had no warning, just failure. Kind of silly not to just do it to be safe. ;)

  • Indeed Jason, you save hundreds of dollars, pounds, euro's simply by buying a set of new manual tensioners.