A friend of mine told me in Illinois it is illegal to have a bluetooth headset...


A friend of mine told me in Illinois, it is illegal to have a bluetooth headset in the helmet other than communication headset. He is saying it is illegal to listen to music on the bike. I couldn't find anything looking it up, but you never know. Do you guys know anything?

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  • Michigan they can pull you over and ticket ya if you have headphones on while driving in your car.

  • And I agree with this 100%

  • Can get a ticket in WV for riding with ear phones.

  • What horse shit.

    What if I turn the stock radio up as loud at it'll go? Is that legal?

  • If you have a bt headset in like my sena... how would they know you're listening to Shania twain or your riding buddy?

  • Well that makes sense though. I nearly crashed head-on with an ambulance, coming down the wrong direction as soon as I overtook a bus. Had no view of the 2nd Lane but could have heard the siren if I wasn't playing loud music on my headphones. Locked brakes, slipped in front of the speeding ambulance which swerved back into its lane at a distance of 2-3 yards from me.

  • The sena 20s is noise activated if it picks up a siren; car horn, loud exhaust etc. It Will activate the mike, kick out the music and come across the headset. Pretty cool freaked me out the first time it happened

  • Its ok to listen to the radio on your bike .you just can't have anything in your ears.you still need to be able to hear the world around you like tires screeching and sirens and alarm .especially your bike.ya wanna Make sure she's always running good.

  • Actually yes it is a stereos sound can only travel the distance of 25ft

  • Illinois doesn't even have a helmet law. I would go ahead and risk it

  • Oh I'm thankful for my government looking out for my own safety.. I would have never survived this long without them enforcing it.

  • I call BS. Anyone that has taken MSF course, not once mentioned headsets and music. Only two sources you should trust for Illinois motorcycle laws and regulation. http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/publications/pdf _publications/dsd_x140.pdf

    http://www.startseeingmotorcycles.org/laws.a spx

  • Oh, those silly f.i.b.s

  • The law exists in most states because people are oblivious to emergency vehicles. Thank the stupid people.