A guy at work has just the frame anfld engine which he says runs for 50 bucks...


A guy at work has just the frame anfld engine which he says runs for 50 bucks how much would yall say each of those items are worth if i bought and then tried to sell them

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  • If it runs more than that check eBay depends on what kind of engine it is and frame just a bonus

  • Its a shadow spirit 750

  • I would think you could triple your money to the right person depending on year and condition

  • Don't know about that, dose the frame come with a title? Here in NC if it dose not have a title it's just junk

  • if the engine runs good, they go for 600 dollars easy on ebay...frame, i couldnt tell ya, because most builders just toss the stock frames

  • the motor if it is same year as your bike is well worth the 50 bucks in parts alone

  • No title on the frame but ill sell that as salvage and if i can atleast get 50 out of the frame anything from the engine is worth it

  • How would i go to test the engine to make sure it ran if that is all that is there

  • all i can tell you about that, is to just tear it down and give it a good diagnosis looking for tell tale signs of whether it could run, or what problems you come across that would show that maybe it wouldnt run

  • check pistons and rods, seals, crank, jugs...etc....then if those check out maybe take it to your local shop and have them try and fire it up on their stand....if it runs, chances are you can just sell it to them right then and there

  • Either way i think i could profit

  • oh for sure...hell the carbs could double your money easily themselves

  • you know the other stuff you wanted done to your bike?....a decent complete motor and you could probably swap for the parts and work to yours

  • Colt White even if the motor is complete junk....it's a heavy piece of junk...could always scrap it

  • Im looking at some of the stuff on ebay now for about 300 i can get extended foot controls and some ape hangers i wonder if I could trade the engine for new fork seals and a new set of mirriors

  • you can probably get it all in trade for the motor

  • Well hell its worth a try i better buy it when tax return hits

  • any time you have a spare 50 dollars and you can get a honda 750 motor with it...thats a no brainer, always get the motor,lol

  • worse comes to worse...you could make the coolest lamp ever,lmao

  • Lmao one hell of a paper weight