A handy one for what im guessing is the majority of us Be careful kids While...


A handy one for what im guessing is the majority of us. Be careful kids, While lifan is already an unrestricted flirt with danger, switching pipes while on L and P could very well have you paying for half a bike again

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  • All cool man, im not going to justify a written law, just a heads up to be careful

  • Been pulled over a few times on the 140, don't think Anyone has even noticed so far, even a cop on a bike who had a real good look, maybe they were just being nice, hopefully the trend continues

  • I had 4 police officers walking around mine checking it out and complimenting it at an rbt, then when I was about to leave one of them said kick it in the guts and show us what it sounds and goes like. They love it

  • Everyone loves a postie

  • Corey Barber

  • Unless its really loud I think it would be over kill to ticket you for that on a 6hp bike.

  • I think most of the new laws is just to make money .. Who care if a postie bike has a diffrent exhrust cos how loud is a harley or even some of the older road bike . And the postie dont even go half a fast as the others ... So if they want to fine me for having a diffrent exhurst on it ill pay it but in 5 cent coins

  • i liken it to jaywalking 99/100 wont ping you but it only takes 1 to pull out the rule book. You guys can get shitty and defend your mods all day but it wont change the fact its illegal

  • I'm fucked mine would be blowing 100+ db

  • I'm make sure i'm at least in 3rd anytime i see the cops. 1st and 2nd are too fucking loud

  • And still get fined...

    If he's a cunt