A little detailing today gloss blacked the rear hugger. Before after


A little detailing today, gloss blacked the rear hugger. Before/after

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  • Looks wicked :) I'm doing mine soon then going to carbon vinyl it down the middle:)

  • Yea I've got carbon, but can't decide where yet

  • Sean Tutt I was thinking the top part in the middle and the flat side bits

  • not sure I'd do the sides? The top rolls of so you could loose the edge of the carbon

  • Maybe trial and error I'll have a play once it get it sorted

  • Is that new or a wrap?

  • Spray I think

  • Plastic primer and gloss black paint Ollie

  • Tudor Toma this is your old one mate

  • Carbon wrapped my whole one

  • Now that's patience Leanne

  • Yeah took a lot of time and throwing it across the room but got there in the end

  • Haha, yea I can imagine. Don't think my patience would "stretch" (lol) that far

  • I like yours a lot more over mine!

  • It's good to share pics so everyone can see and get ideas

  • Yeah defiantly! I've just brought black and white checkered wrap, am tempted to swap everything already carbon wrapped with it, but I know there's a big chance of it looking well shit

  • Time and patience! Could be worth the effort

  • nice