A lot of you are probably already updated with this but just in case you ve...

A lot of you are probably already updated with this, but just in case you've missed it or are not on the VTR Forum,this is from NWB:

Vees Funeral tomorrow Info:

Update to funeral arrangements as posted by Dad on NWBikers

Everyone the family have requested that we meet at Martins house the morning of the funeral for 8.45 leaving behind the cars at 9am.

Please no overtaking this is a steady ride in procession as a mark of respect. There will be no need to stop traffic at junctions as this could be dangerous and we do t want to see any incidents. There will be no speed involved so keeping up will not be an issue.

I will speak with Rob J about warning the local plc about the funeral procession just in case there's any issues.

Please make every effort to be there in plenty of time and thank you all for your support.

The address:

16 Gilderdale Close



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