A new Honda Cub. nice to see that Honda retained the vintage design

A new Honda Cub...nice to see that Honda retained the vintage design

  • Retail for the 50 is right around 2k usd in Japan. Probably sellable at that price here but but that many. People here don't have the love for them or use for them that has kept them selling in Japan for over 50 years.

  • I think it is the same way for Harley Davidson here in the US...people buy them to be nostalgic and trendy...they fork over the outrageous price so they can be cool...every time I see a guy on a newer Harley I think 'sucker'!!!

  • I don't think sucker.. but i do think "there's better value for the dollar, elsewhere" .. same holds true for this.

  • Shannon Karlc it is kinda like the popularity of Postie bikes in Australia

  • For simplicity and reliability a cub can't be beat by anything. Their use in the Japanese workforce is s testament to this. Nothing else is more commonly seen. In Tokyo you see thousands a day almost all being used for delivering stuff.

  • I am following some Japanese guys on instagram and am absolutely amazed at the amount of C100 and C105 that are still around...all seem to be still in good original shape

  • Yeah. I'm sure part of the reason is because they probably sold about 1000x as many there than we did in the states.

  • I sold some C110 parts on eBay to a couple different buyers in Japan

  • So are there vintage aftermarket parts being made in Japan??? Shannon Karlc

  • I guess I could see the c110 being a lot less common than the cub. Same here eh.

  • You mean repop stuff?None that I've ever seen.

  • They've only kept the old design for these Little Cub 14s.. Full size wheels Cubs are all tube framed and plastic bodied ('underbone' style) now.

    I suppose it'd be easy enough to put the 17" wheels on one of these though.

  • 17 rims do look better than 14