A postie is not a postie if you have any other engine in it that s not a ct110...

A 'postie' is not a 'postie' if you have any other engine in it that's not a ct110 just wanted to see. Who agrees

  • a postie is and never will be classed as a 'scooter'... OMG! what are these people thinking????

  • Lol, those people obviously have no idea and therefore are insignificant and who's opinion doesn't matter

  • Steve for Prime Minister :D

  • There's a difference between a postie and a scooter a postie is a way of life haha only joking

  • dont you run away Mitch... after posting the adapter kit stuff, your 1st mate ;)

  • why do men ride scooters?... to get some wind on their vaginas ;)

  • you Jake, your not far from the truth mate.... CT110's get under your skin...

  • Posties are the best I recon

  • Huh John ? I just like helping enable people :P

  • It becomes a modified ct, that is all.