A question

A question ......

Just been out for a ride, Sunday morning and the streets are emptier

  • Car pulled out in front, and nowhere to go

  • Maybe you knocked down too soon? Never had it the noise on my bike personally...strange! Does it run and go through all the gears ok?

  • Absolutely fine Jack, it's as smooth as silk (I'm not trying to say it's perfect) no problems at all.

    I'm not even a good amateur at mechanics, it just felt wrong.

    So if you knock down too soon it will clunk ?

  • Did it sound like a grinding noise? If it did you probably changed down a little too quick and the dogs in the gearbox didn't engage properly

  • No grinding, just a pretty big thump.

    Well..... Seemed big to me.

  • I'm quire sure it's not a big issue because like I said, it really is running sweet. It's just my lack of experience on bikes.

  • I doubt you've down any major harm especially if it's running nice now

  • Maybe you locked up the back wheel and it juddered? That's the nicest possibility. If you shift down too hard you can over Rev the engine. Easy way to kill your bike, kick down to first at 100kmh - the rev limiter can't help.

    Best to remember, the gearbox isn't an emergency brake.

  • knocking it down into first at a HIGH speed would give you a clunking noise for sure

  • If you go into 1st at high speed it will make that noise. All bikes do, nothing to worry about.