a question to the lads running cbr600f2 wheels what profiles are you using


a question to the lads running cbr600f2 wheels, what profiles are you using? some seem to use 60's on front , some 70's and some a 70 upfront and a 60 on the rear, just wondering peoples preferences and why.

%d comments
  • A 70 on the front will give you a bit more much needed ground clearance

  • The 60 will give you a quicker turn in. . When I've used them in the past they give a twitchy feeling. Only use a 70 on the front now.

  • im not fussed about a quicker turn in..im an old man! lol, 70 on front and 60 rear then?

  • Yep . .160/60 on the rear works great. . Had that combination on my 1100 for a while