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Interesting with the oil cooling ports in the head

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  • A well made cylinder but the piston is crap!

  • how come the piston is crap any reports on it

  • I have been building motor's for more than 20 years I have torched two pistons .they are cast and the rings crack. JE pistons can make a forged piston and rings wiesco also will but JE PISTONS allready makes them for HR racing

  • Yes I know about that. Gap was fine. Oh and yes I do have a tuner and injector so that was not the reason.tb makes a lot of bbk they are usually better quality

  • EJK I can do everything that the bazzaz or dyna can do except timing. 3D engine mapping with a computer. I run around 13.5 to 14 for air fuel

  • Takegawa 181 also has ports built in

  • Richard HallamStephen HallamDavid Smithson

  • My TB 186 kit has 5k on it