About half way there today to the meet i rode about 240 miles to Berea KY

About half way there today, to the meet i rode about 240 miles to Berea, KY.

Meet Bob from Alabama he rode about 450 today!

We both rode through about an hours worth of hard rain !!

But fun !!!

About 200 to go . !!

  • Are you guys all riding your Rebels?

  • Most are but I sold mine a few weeks back, did not get another till yesterday,

    Not enough time to get it ready for travel, had my CBR 250 ready, that is what I,m

    Riding this time !! Rode my Rebel last 2 years !!

  • My new Rebel !! 05,

  • Riding this to the meet !! CBR250 !! Pretty comfortable today !!

    I,m not tired or sore , but the test will be on the return run of

    A 450 mile day !!

  • It's a 250 single, only problem tires are really slick in the rain !!

  • Jim ; did you change the stock seat to ride all those miles on your rebel ?

  • Yes I run a seat from a Suzuki, C 50 in this photo

  • Thank you Jim