About time I got one of these. many shenanigans to come


About time I got one of these...many shenanigans to come...

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  • 4K?

  • Mate I mean the model, Hero 4 comes with 2 models Silver and Black edition, they are different in performance

  • Yep

  • Hell ya!

  • I know I was joking :') it's the silver one. Couldn't justify the extra £120 when this does more than what I need

  • Hahaha how did I know that was going to be taken seriously even with my winky face

  • I bought my self Hero 3+ yesterday for £130 nice quality and heavier than my other cameras.

  • Do it do it do it, i got the Hero 3 and the Drift Ghost S

  • That's a great price on a 3+ I fancy getting one for external mic. I've only got the standard bottom of range hero

  • Nice! Is that a screen on the back for view finding and viewing footage?

  • Yeah, it's touch screen so you can change all your settings

  • have fun editing 4k :P haha

  • is it not easy?? or does it take some time because the file is so larger??

  • The files are going to be huge.

  • ahhh ok

  • files are huge and depending on your computer it might not even have enough power to run or render the video.. that's why most people do 1080/60fps

  • ah ok ok, you think my new macbook pro would be able to handle it?? 2016 model a1398 macbook

  • Lol got mine yesterday too!