About to start pulling the carbs on my 83 Magna I am using the pages I printed...


About to start pulling the carbs on my '83 Magna. I am using the pages I printed from the shop manual. Any tips and tricks that would help a first timer?

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  • The right side is the correct on the v65 Magna just loosen the Thermostat holder you see there in the picture. If you do it from the left, you have to force it out. But ok

  • Just remove the Thermostat housing.....

  • Michael....yes you should. Take your time....I won't need it for a couple weeks. :-)

  • I left off the other day as shown in the above photos. About 90 minutes today and they are off. Wasn't too bad. I did realize that one of the boots had loose clamps and was probably a source of the rough running. But...they are off and going for a rebuild now. Left side by the way. :-)

  • One thing you might want to do since you have the carbs out is replace the O-rings on the coolant cross over pipe. Cause they are hard to do with the carbs in.

  • Are they easy at this point? I will definitely do it if is something that could bite me later.

  • Those two pipes right below the intake holes those are coolant lines. If they leak later the only way to fix them is to take the carbs back out. So since you have them out now would be the best time to replace the O-ring. And they are a metric O-ring. so be careful if you get them form somewhere other then Honda.

  • Gotcha. Thanks for the tip. I will be adding it to the list.

  • Anytime

  • If you buy from V4 Market, they are in the set