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    2004 CBR 600RR question:

    My turn signal switch has started getting very fickle. I have to move it to just the right position if I go to far it'll turn back off. When its on all the lights are coming on like they should so i don't think its a short.

    Do I just need a new turn signal switch? #5 http://www.bikebandit.com/oem- parts/2004-honda-cbr600rr/o/m2 056#sch408878

    Anyone else have this problem before?

    • Buy your self a tin od electrical contact spray. Should sort it out. If not i have used wire wool in the past to clean up the contacts

    • Ditto what Mark said

    • That should sort it, Be careful not to get it on your paint work

    • Should I spray it in the narrow gap or take it apart to clean it?

    • Upto you mate,

      May work by spraying in the gap

      But then may need to take apart anyway, If the contact needs adjusting.

      Give it a go. and see what happens.

      Plenty on here willing to help if you need to spilt it. Really simple lay out. May need contact inside adjusting a little. But could be as simple a spray some in the gap, and leave for a hour to do its working.

    • so blasting some electrical contact cleaner did the trick and lubed up the button nice and good!

      However as soon as I fixed that problem I tried to go for a ride and my kill switch wasn't triggering my fuel pump, had to flip it back and forth a few times till I finally heard the fuel pump kick on and allowed me to go. Would potentially spraying some electrical contact cleaner on the kill switch be the Cure or am I looking at a different electrical demon?

    • Second update, went to go play with it a little bit more to see if I could diagnose it. Turns out the switch is completely fine for some reason it's now not starting in first gear if the kickstand is down it will start in neutral with it down or it will start in first gear if the kickstand is up.

      Sounds like a neutral safety switch, is that part of the ECU or something separate that I can replace?