• After 18 years and some 50 000 miles it would appear the original HT leads won...

    After 18 years and some 50,000 miles it would appear the original HT leads won't be working to their full potential. Probably not something you would notice if you bought the bike like it. And so with thanks to Bryn Danson I recently did the 'stick coil' mod and the difference was phenomenal, I wouldn't know about 'performance wise but the 'off throttle' response and lower steadier idle was amazing. I have a far more effective spark resulting in a much more efficient burn of fuel. When rolling off or closing the throttle in second gear I was getting some real obnoxious pops and bangs.. personally i quite liked them but they really were obnoxious at times, this has now subdued into a lovely exhaust note with much nicer and subtle pops and bangs on the overrun. Just goes to show the 'it's a twin' isn't always the answer. Apart from suspension the best mod I have done to this bike is the stick coils.. so in essence, replace your HT leads as soon as you can, chances are they have had it. Alternatively and somewhat cheaper, and much more satisfying for the tinkerers amongst us do the stick coil mod. Highly recommended! Once again thanks to Bryn Danson for supplier the coils and standing by for online and visual support, guys like this are what these pages and forums are all about. Some great guys here and a great community!!

    • Ok John Boon keep me posted.

    • Stick coil mod ? explain please ?

    • You replace the stock jobs with CBR600 (03-06) versions which give a stronger more consistent delivery of the spark thus a better takeup through the rev range (and apparently 2BHP+ but thats debatable). It's about smoother delivery more than anything. Henry Rea will be able to provide more detail :)

    • Do you need cbr loom or does the vtr loom plug in?

    • You need to connectors for the cbr coils and then you splice them into the connector from the vtr loom

    • Its easy to do

    • You do feel the delivery of power is much better

    • We have a crashed cbr600f4 at my work. I was hoping to buy it for spares for my hornet, maybe use coil sticks too

    • From my experience of this mod, delivery of power is far superior.

    • Excellent idea and sell the other two on vtr group.

    • Are these ones no good they came with the bike

    • James Vtr Firestorm

    • Thanks John Boon might make this the next project after quickshifter and gear indicator