• After 5 years of storage decided to bring the 1998 shadow aero out of...

    After 5 years of storage, decided to bring the 1998 shadow aero out of hibernation. Bought her brand new in 2000. (there were 4 98s left over that were on the showroom floor that hadn't sold in two years time, so I decided to adopt her to a loving home. Just over 4,000 miles on her. What a great machine indeed!!

    • Funny, I bought my 09 brand new in 2012, same circumstances.

    • WOW!

    • Beautiful bike man

    • Almost a crime keeping that machine hidden so long!

    • Feels like a crime for not riding for a while. I'll try to make up for loss time.

    • You might want to get some new tires for it...16 years is a long time for rubber....great to have a low mileage older machine though...

    • Sounds like mine. It's spent the better part of the last 6 years in the garage. Now the carbs need work. 11k on the ticker, and I still have the original rubber on it. 99 model bought as a remainder in 01. Fresh outta the crate.

    • Beautiful, glad you took it out of storage. Ride - but agree on getting new tires and tubes, and check your valve stems. It's the only two things between you and the pavement.

    • Will do. Thank you!!

    • Sweet retro look

    • Thanks.