After a post by another member on our page

After a post by another member on our page

This goes to everyone on here.

If you have got a issue with the page Be it Admin or a moderator or something else let me know

And I will try to put it right.

I have notice join rate has halved since adding new moderators.

Which could be down to many reasons. And not pointing the finger at anyone at all. I know how hard it can be to tell if a person coming to the group is a biker.

If unsure let them join. As found many a time that they can be a biker. And just not got there bike on there profile


  • My bike is part of my life , not my entire life , hence the profile picture is me swimming

  • My Profile picture is My T4 van and cover photo is from The Harbour I grow up from.

    Same here my Bike is part of my Life , not my Life

  • Unfair to block people based on profile pic , even if the person doesn't own a cbr, I've loved them for years (especially the blade) but only bought mine (600f4) last June , still interested to see other people's posts on here

  • Very few get blocked on here 112 in total. Last being over a month ago. Ones i do block are Traders of poor quality parts. As feel it is better for members to advise on where to source parts. And do not want to feel responsible for allowing sales or poor quality aftermarket parts on the page