After almost 45 000 km I have the right bearing of the rear wheel pulverized


After almost 45'000 km I have the right bearing of the rear wheel pulverized :-(

It's dangerous?

It's happened to others among you?

How much is it fo the piece and the replacement?

Have I done something wrong to make it happen?


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  • Mine was gone two years ago. Yop, it can be dangerous, I lost all stability within an few km. All bearings, sealings and change was roundabout 350 Euros, most was labor.

  • My rear bearings cost me about £40 fitted but I just took the wheel in

  • Do it yourself £15

    Pay a garage £40/50

    Standard bearings dry out easily. Go for cased rollers.

  • Easy fix diy job

  • If you use a jet washer (Karcher etc,) don't use high pressure close to bearing locations, particularly the point where the axles and wheel bearings meet. This will blow out grease under pressure and destroy bearings very quickly.

  • I had one go on a rear of CB Seven-Fifty recently. I had wheel out for new tyre anyway, so I let bike shop (not 'dealer' based) do it & cost of bearing & fitting was around £20 (cash).

  • They do wear out I'm afraid

  • Did mine two weeks ago - middle bearing had failed. Three new bears & two seals. I hate that job !!