After countless hours of fussing with and three carb pulls and intake...

After countless hours of fussing with and three carb pulls and intake modifications, I am throwing in the towel with the spike. I have it running fine in calm weather, but any sort of wind gust pushing in that thing and it runs like hammered crap. SO, the intake will be stock once I get a replacement air filter for it. MY QUESTION. If I bought a k&n air filter to replace the stock filter, will it still run correctly with stock jetting? Or should I just get OEM so I don't have to mess with this thing anymore?

  • where does the hoses with the tee fitting coming off the carb connect?

  • Someone didn't take enough pictures! Lol. There's one that the end is just open in there, I think that one tees, and the only other one I remember was the fuel

  • this thing is a nightmare....

  • theres a tee fitting on the carb with two hoses tee for the fuel lines and one for the vents i assume....not sure wtf they are....they told me to run a vacuum out some plug coming off the cylinder,but can't find this

  • You mean this hose? Because that was my first carb tear down and it took me a minute to realize you just plug it back together and let it dangle

  • thats the hose venting to the atmoshere

  • Was that the one you're concerned about?

  • not sure man,im lost

  • That should be the only leftover hose unless you're talking about one that is up by the upper right of the carb that goes on the intake boot

  • Like the red tipped one