• After fighting a crappy MAC exhaust system install for the last two days I m...

    After fighting a crappy MAC exhaust system install for the last two days - I'm thinking of making a run of stainless steel 4:1 headers for V65 (only) bikes of either Sabre or Magna persuasion. The deal would be a group buy with delivery about 120 days after the group hits the minimum of 10 buyers. They'd be full mandrel bent, computer measured and cut and TiG welded. Much MUCH higher quality than MAC or Kerker. Set-up would not inlude a slip-on muffler but there would be an optional contemporary 3 bolt flange so that any bolt-on muffler can could be used. Any interest?

    Price would depend on the number of group-buy members with a high of $400 and substantial drops for every 5 additional buyers. If we got a group of 50 the price would be down in the $300 range including shipping to mainland USofA buyers. International shipping would be at the buyers expense.

    Interested? Let me know via email - michael@portlandhempworks.com


    • That's why I'm looking at doing a complete remake including new rear down-pipes with _springs_ for the slip joints just like on the new bikes.

    • I just don't know if there are enough Sabre/Magna v65 owners to make the jig and computerized measurement setup costs work.

    • I would have to say no and that it would be easier to have a mock bike and do each one at a time.

    • The bender I'm working with already does some specialty header setups for engine swappers. IE - Suzuki Samurai + sb v8 installers love his stainless headers as they're a perfect fit. He's also making perfect fit replacement headers for the stock Samurai. Stainless systems for all the diesel hot-rod set and tons of gorgeous one-off hot-rod headers (he used to build headers and exhausts for Boyd Coddington).

    • Three sets of headers pay for the measuring and the permanent fixture.

    • The 3rd set in fact is the money maker that takes it into the black.

    • I did a similar group-buy when I had my XR4Ti and everyone was clamoring for big exhaust and modified intake manifold setups.

    • All it takes is 10 to make it happen.

    • That's what I said about side covers too......and I am still in the red!

    • Yeah. The only way to do these kinds of 'specialty' projects is with small deposits up front. 10 or 20% of the projected cost, collected from the minimum number of people calculated to result in the dev costs being covered. You don't proceed until you have those deposits. If there aren't enough interested - refund the deposits and back away from the project.

      I've done this type of group buy project for big brake kits, exhaust systems, custom turbo installation kits and even a laser engraved 'owners plaque' for a very special run of cars. Our motorcycles aren't all that special but they're old enough that availability of performance parts is slim to none.

    • For anyone following along - the stainless steel exhaust system for $400 is about 1/2 of the cost of Staintune (made in Australia).