• After many months of deliberation I ve decided to go for new exhaust slip on

    After many months of deliberation I've decided to go for new exhaust slip-on. I do not regret it! Remus Hexacone looks and sounds great.

    Just a short teaser bellow, some good quality pictures and videos to follow soon.

    The sound is just amazing (baffle in - so no noisy nonsense yet still it sounds just beautifully)

    Apart from visual and sound aesthetics the weight is reduced significantly and the throttle response improved ... having said that the ECU was tampered with by Honda's magicians post installation so it could have something to do with that.

    The state of the bike not so great as the picture was taken after morning and wet commute.

    Short video with sound is here https://youtu.be/772C8KRfcnQ

    More to come.

    • I like it, how did they go on about removing the Lamba sensor thing ? How much was it supplied and fitted?

    • Also how have you attached your fender extender

    • El Güero, this is Extenda Fenda - Carbon by Pyramid Plastic. I used the two sided tape that was provided with it.

    • El Güero, as for the Lambda Sensor, there is no need to remove it as it is in the front part of the exhaust:

      (Item no 13 from this diagram)

      http://www.cbf1000.com/index.p hp?topic=14873.40

      I know that some people removed it and there is an eliminator for this job.

      http://www.cbf1000.com/index.p hp/topic,15107.msg186265.html#msg186265

      I will have to check if they put the eliminator in place but I know that there is one thing that has to be done, and was done on my bike too, which is the exhaust valve servo.

      It is operated by two cables and you can either disconnect cables driving it and leave the servo motor in place or buy an eliminator.

      Again I am not sure what was done on my bike but I will check.

      One thing is that they've done something to the ECU, I will ask if it was just a flash/reset or if they've remapped it. I have the ECU report and it has Lambda readings so I am assuming that they have not removed it.

      All that stuff was done as a part of the major service but I know they put 0.5h as fitting service charge and the exhaust was provided by them for four hundred. You can get it cheaper on sportsbikeshop.com but it takes 4 weeks to deliver.

      I will be washing the bike on Saturday so I will check whether any Lambda or Servo eliminators were fitted.

      Just to reiterate the sound of this exhaust is epic. I've heard LeoVince, Shark DSX1, and Fuel on MK2 but having the Remus before I knew that you pay a bit more for it but it is a proper thing. I've had older Remus on my previous CBF but this one is improved and it sounds much better.