After many years of driving various cars I sold my last one and after due...

After many years of driving various cars. I sold my last one and, after due consideration. I Plummed for the Forza. So any tips and advice would be most welcome.

  • Not sure you need many tips it's a brilliant scooter great stability, responsive etc etc et al, just get on her and go ride ;)

  • Last time I was on a bike was as far back as 1970's. Went over to a car right up until last month.

    What you might call "Rusty" but looking forward to delivery.

  • You have the ease of twist and go as well, makes for a much more pleasant ride if you have much town or city riding to do, have fun!

  • Many thanks, now that the weather has turned to benefit bikers. I'm hoping to get out and about a lot. I need the practice !!

  • Unfortunately, my 10 years No Claims on my cars don't count so, am expecting the insurance to knock me back a few sheckles !!

  • doubtful mines about 240 a year fully comp

  • I would appreciate a few pointers in that direction, insurance wise. I'm using a Honda 50 att and that knocked me back £400 !!!!

  • that sounds insane I'm on a cbt and never have had a car license can't see why yours is so steep, I'm sure a quick Google search will find you a much cheaper quote. Failing that do what I do and ask the Mrs to sort it for you ;)

  • No bike insurance company's in Stockport. Did make a few enquiries ont tinternet. No one replied so, as I needed it on that particular day. I contacted the AA Insurance. I won't be renewing with them nor insure the Forza as, they quoted £600 !!!

  • Brian Ashby Hastings Fully comp £220.

  • Fantastic, I will give them a call.

  • Get on Confused. com or one of those comparison sites. My fully comp costs me £88/annum with only a couple of years no claims.

  • Thanks for info. My No Claims set at ZERO !!! :-( . They won't consider No Claims for cars. Bit of a bummer !!

  • Hi Brian NC welcome, good choice of scoot.

  • Hastings 2nd year £144 fully comp, gone down £100, me happy bunny...

  • I do already and I don't have it yet. However, once my Insurance Quotes come in, hopefully I'll love it even more

  • Cheers Peter. It looks good, sounds good and by individuals writing up on that machine. Seems like a dream.

  • Hi Brian - yours is a similar history to mine except that it was in the 60's that I had last ridden on two wheels when I got my Forza. Don't worry, it comes back very quickly, and the Forza will give you a lot of confidence. I also couldn't use my 8 years NCB from my car, but got a good deal with Bennetts (after a trawl on the comparison sites) for under £180 fully comp. Is yours a 2017 model Forza? If not then when you get the chance change the tyres to Michelin CityGrips. Other than that, look through this page for tips on what gear to buy if you haven't already got it. I am very glad that I got a helmet that takes a Pinlock insert that prevents the visor misting up in cold weather.

  • As long as you accept it is the best 125 on the market, then you will be very happy !!!. Start comparing it to 200 cc and bigger scooters you are missing the point.

  • Darren Weston - just to let you know, your tip for Hastings proved to be a good one. Got the Forza covered for £336 three other quotes from elsewhere ranged from £586 - £686. Just goes to show there's a lot of ripoff merchants out there.

    My Honda 50 cost me more to insure than the Forza 125. Stupid !!!!

  • Andrew Myatt mentioned Hasting before me, credit goes to him... :)

  • It's a 2015-2017 model already fitted with City Grip Tyres. Also I initially bought a Honda 50. Idea being its small enough and easy to handle. Just so that I can get back into the swing of it.

  • Nah!! A1 Licence will do me. Not looking for anything bigger and, quite satisfied with the Styling, the Techs, Cost and Insurance.

  • Either way guys, many thanks for the tip. It has saved me about £300 !!!

  • Brian. I'm 64 now and have been back on 2 wheels for the last 9 years. Previous to that the last time on a scooter was a Lambretta in 1970. Don't worry, you'll take to it again like a duck to water. Have fun, and plenty of it.

  • Cheers Jer, I'm 75 last Nov but, still bouncing around ok. I just got fed up with the car. Always stuck in traffic, servicing was always £400+. Road Fund Licence £515 pa, Insurance £1,000 pa and, at the pumps it was always round about £45+.

    So I've got shut of the car, with no intentions of buying another.