After seeing Shaun Westaways highly mirrored polished swing arm. want one


After seeing Shaun Westaways highly mirrored polished swing arm.... want one... ( lip trailing here folks) ..Dave said a good heavy duty buffing tool on his angle grinder will do it.. Heavy duty one? Any ideas folks where/what to buy? winter project me thinks... Ta muchly..

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  • THAT is a proper MIRROR polish!! omg! Showed Dave as he would be doing the work :p Ok, so where do I buy the tools for such a lovely finish! Don't mind putting in the hours between us. That is superb...

  • I used a 3inch air sander then 3inch air buffer to finish and yeah it does take a while. lol

  • A while? as in weeks? lots to come off I'd imagine.. OMG, that is stunning..

  • Shaun Westaways frame is done too although it's good, I think it's a bit less in terms of finish but he was dead lucky it was like that when he bought the bike! somebody put a lot of effort into it for sure..

  • Lol, I had the whole swingarm off to do it properly. It is polished inside and out, top and bottom. At a guess maybe took me 10-15 hours. I wasn't really counting. And when I first started the process was a bit slow until I worked it out.

  • Yeah, you'd have to take the thing off, no way could you do it to that level on the bike!!!

  • Yeah I did the frame, peg, rearsets, the whole lot really

  • Like 'Pringles'... once you pop, you just can't stop!! Cheers for the help, THANK you so much, got it all now and bought some bits... Thank you again, I have a spare swing arm so can get started and just bought a new compressor!! yeahhhhhh... :-) (y)

  • Stop talking about food!!! You making me hungry. Lol

  • If you ever come to any of newly invented 'Twin Thunder tours' I'll bake it for you myself!! lol..