After some heavy financial backing from a secret Chinaman billionaire Roadman...


After some heavy financial backing from a secret Chinaman billionaire... Roadman Removals ™© have been updated with 2 ratchet straps

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  • Put the stand up or put a block of wood under the stand

  • if you face forwards and strap the front brake lever and use proper handle bar straps your a lot less likely to suffer a fall in transit..

    thats not the best way to carry a bike in a van

  • Yea come on charlie that looks worst then your last effort! lol

  • Gonna kick it over at ace for good measure

  • Front wheel against bulk head then ratchet it down over yoke till you load the front forks. Then one through rear wheel. Never had one fall ever

  • ^^^^thats what I done basically Stephen.

    1 strap through each side of the bar. Front wheel wedged in the gap between the doors once closed. Front forks are compressed.

    The bike ain't going anywhere

  • I'll kick you over Tudor

  • Should be fine then mate.

  • It was... Had the van sideways and 110 mph down the A23... She was still solid

  • Best tip I ever got was? Tie the front brake lever on

  • I recommended the front brake wedge thing too..