After test riding the new chain sprocket I find that its MUCH quieter and it...


After test riding the new chain/sprocket I find that its MUCH quieter and it does 30 mph in 2nd gear. Took the bike just outside of town and hit 5th, almost seemed as if I didn't need to. Much better rpm range! I'm guessing it will bump the mpg up also. (probly gonna hold off on the jet kit for now) Another thing.....easing off the clutch really didnt seem any different. Glad i did this!

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  • great ta hear man... always a good thing when these lil things make such a great difference for the better

  • Yea the old chain/sprockets were a mess!

  • mine on are the down ward slope... gonna be a upgrade at some point for me later this year

  • After season maintenance!

  • lol yeah after normal ppls season at least... everythings still in good shape so i can easily wait til mid-late fall ta worry about it. got a few other small upgrades ta do at the same time to the sidecar so gonna be a package deal when i do it all :)

  • I've always thought of doing the sidecar thing. I could fit the whole family on the bike then!

  • it's alotta work for my 750 but it does good my dog (Frosty wieghs 140lbs and hasn't started to fill out yet) loves his "car"... it's great to not have to leave him alone or with a sitter, would be the same if my kids were still little ones when i do my sprockets and other upgrades i need to go for raw power type changes... get the right thing and they look pretty nice... would be great for ya with the girls ta take em out on road tours with ya, they'd have a blast :)