• Afternoon ladies and gents I was just wondering if there are any riders free...

    Afternoon ladies and gents, I was just wondering if there are any riders free this Friday. There is a ride happening in gosport Hampshire for a local lad who tragically died last month after being in a collision with a lorry. So far it looks like we have around 200 bikes of various sizes. It would be brilliant to have as many as possible and give Dan the send off he would have wanted and deserves. It'll only be a short farewell ride around the town from the church to the cemetery followed by the loudest revving possible to finalise the farewell. A few more twins wouldn't go a miss to up the decibels. If you're free please feel free to pm me for more details. Thanks again folks and remember to stay safe and keep it shiney side up!

    • Hay Joe really sorry to hear this if my carbs are sorted I'll definitely come over.

    • I would be there in a shot mate, but england too far. Even for a blue vtr.