Aight. Need knowledgeable help


Aight... Need knowledgeable help.

Will a 86 350X motor and rear swing arm and triple tree bolt in to any of what years for the 250R? I am tapping a lot of my sources and my sources-sources for a 350X frame. If you know me, you know I tap into things pretty deep when I need too...

I have only one lead thus far.

Does anyone know if this would work? Or just the motor and if the 350X axle would fit the R swing arm?

Or just the motor?

Talking out loud with options here.

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  • You can Not put a 350X engine in any year 250R that I know of. The frames are NOT the same and the 350X axle will NOT fit the 250R swingarm... however I THINK the triples will fit but thats a guess

  • 350X axle is narrower in the center for the bearing area

  • Dude.... Sean ... :( fetch

  • Sorry man, just trying to let ya know before you get your hopes up. The 350X engine is huge and the 250R engine is very small compared... so the 250R frame is smaller in the engine bay

  • $150 a frame in Maine, the guy has 3 of em!

  • I saw the add. Email only. I hate that. Takes 3 days to get them to text and call. Then you ask about vins and they disappear... I already have one I can get with clean vin history from Midwest and the seller seems to be legit. People from this page like him. Most likely I'm buying from him after this weekend unless a close contact has one with a title. I just wanted to know about the 250r frames because they are everywhere and the plastics are similar if not enough for me to be happy except I like the 350x headlights way more. But at this point probably buying from my Midwest guy Christopher Six seems legit.

  • u wanna buy a 86 frame needs a lil welding

  • or a 85 that needs welding

  • Heck, its in the best interest to weld gussets in anyhow so what's a couple more welds hurt? My brothers frame, I had tpc repair numerous places before I even stated the gussets and its frickn stout now and already seen one race

  • I'm going to be buying one from Christopher Six :) and then when I get it I will gusset it and powder coat it. Idk I'm kinda thinking a powder or baby blue frame and white plastics.