All cleaned up and ready for nother track day this weekend


All cleaned up and ready for 'nother track-day this weekend!

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  • I need a set of high level brackets like that, got 2 sets of high level pipes and all the hanger brackets I've bought wont reach :(

  • I've had the same problem for ages! Everywhere I take it an ask they jus sort of look at it an frown an say its gonna be difficult then I see this pic lol

  • I was lucky.. Got the cans and whole complete set of pipes, connectors, bolts, brackets etc via eBay from a chap in the US. They bolted straight on, quick easy DIY job at home. They sound the-bomb too!

  • That's lovely! I removed my rear footrests completely (lucky enough to not have to take a pillion) and improvised by spending a few quid at B&Q to make my own brackets. Two carefully drilled holes later and my exhaust brackets were hidden behind the rear side panels and bolted to the subframe

  • Who makes that belly pan?

  • Pyramid belly pans are worth a look. I think the Monster decal on this one is perfectly placed too; enhances the look of nice bodywork really well

  • That one isn't Pyramid tho...

  • Thanks for the comments fellas.. the belly fairing is from War Eagle, over here in Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Hey Budd Hunsdale, I've been on the war eagle website but cannot find the lower. Can you send/post a link?

  • Matt, maybe try email them. The email I used is The guy's name is Kenny. Good luck