All cleaned up and ready to go

All cleaned up and ready to go

  • Mk 2 never saw one before

  • Looks like my beauty

  • They do look nice I was only asking earlier on the forum what was the difference between mk 1 and 2 ,you can clearly see the difference and I had never seen one until today

  • Where did you get the wheel decals from John?

  • Pic of my new lady n old one together, still miss goldie

  • Goldie

  • The MK 2 has only been out for 6 years...... I think you may have seen one, but not have NOTICED one.

  • Craig Davies , sorry that I didn't answer your question.

    You can look him up here on fb. He can make any design on your request

  • John-Lennart Pedersen cheers John, are yours white or silver?

  • Craig Davies , Pearl White, like yours.