All ready for racing this weekend


All ready for racing this weekend

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  • Do you have any info on that carrier ?

  • ^ +1

  • Nar, sorry, bought it off eBay a few years ago

  • Isn't it just something like this?

  • I have had that one and it works great, but you have quite a large metal thing on ya vehicle when the rack is off, mine only has a small square box section under the towbar, much tidier

  • Dave Cooper Bike Racks ;)

  • Just spotted those on eBay too

  • Had a few emails with them...If you go for a Dave Cooper then you need their Junior rack for a MSX and also the van rack if it's going on a van or campervan (bit further back than the car rack so the bars don't hit the back of your van and also you can still tow a trailer too)/

  • I'm going to get one to whack the Grom on the back of my newly acquired Mazda Bongo Campervan :D

  • Ive had a dave cooper folding trailer for yonks well made brill bit of kit :)

  • Be carful, the msx is 105kg and most towbar weight is 100kg, you add the weight of the rack on and you are well over, I have lighten my msx now for racing and to go on my rack,

  • Transporter friend !!

  • Groms and VW'S :-) I bought my caddy to get my bike in the back of's never been in yet in nearly a year lol