All shined up and ready to ride


All shined up and ready to ride !

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  • Oh yeah it really looks great. Nice n clean and shiny in the sun.

  • Thanks man

  • U need some V&H straight shots to liven it up a bit...looks great!!!

  • Sweet

  • I do have the baffles out and drilled four 5/8" holes in the inner plates sounds pretty good

  • i never thought of doing that to my stocks

  • I couldn't tell any difference in the way it run still runs like it always did

  • I could tell a big difference when I put on the V&H pipes

  • Someday I'll buy some

  • Mine are for sale

  • Has this been lowered in the rear?

  • Yes it has front & rear

  • How did you do it?

  • Lowering brackets on the rear & I just slid the the fork tubes up the triple clamps on the front

  • Found this pic on here somewhere this is what I used for the rear