All spruced up. New tires and shocks and some new pipe wrap for good measure

All spruced up! New tires and shocks and some new pipe wrap for good measure. The shocks feel amazing.

  • everything looks great

  • Noice!

    Got him sitting up nice and straight in that shot :-)

  • What type shocks are they? Mine are shot

  • They're the road Hagons, the base model. A little pricey, but not out of control. I'm already impressed with the difference.

  • Need longer shocks 4 my 360. New rubber too tall, any suggs?

    (Adjusting timing n pic)

  • Call Hagon, they do customs.

  • Becky Slane. What rearsets do you run?

  • Lol frankenset.

    KTM rear pegs- for shifter & brake,

    triumph levers,

    and BMX trick pegs, (with 25mm ammo cassings for asthetics) -for foot rests.

  • Those KTM are murder on my chucks tho

  • They're customs. Apparently Red doesn't appreciate custom fabrication ;)

  • God help your feet if you go down.

  • The only thing I ride in...

  • All boots, all the way

  • Well jeans and a shirt too... not just boots. Lol

  • The Sarge is a street bike only, highway is no Bueno.

    Besides, god help the sob that put me down.

  • 15mph will still rip the skin off your feet. Google "gloved" feet. I'll be nice and not put the pictures up ;)

  •'s just a sho bike. A couple of TV shows. Mostly sits where my kitchen table should go

  • Now that's a damn shame.

  • Lol but thanks to Ashton Whitley I almost made bike night with Dallas Do The Ton. (Accept a female motorcycle cop wanted a spin).... (on the bike)

  • Those are some ass-kickers

  • Gloved feet... was looking on Google, seen goofy stuff, weird stuff, and then seen it. Holy shit.

  • Keep wearing those boots, my friend.