alright guys looking for abit more height on the msx is there any jack ups...


alright guys! looking for abit more height on the msx. is there any jack ups out there or bigger shocks than standard? or would a pit bike jack up work possibly?

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  • God that will piss me off, it's stock atm it's that quiet all I can hear is the chain whirring

  • Get a louder pipe

  • looking at one of those zoom Full systems on ebay, dont fancy shelling out mega bucks for a yoshi or a akrapovic for me to smash it in stunting

  • The YSS Shock is a little bit longer. I have it and it's as much longer as I would want, before it's going to cause big chain rub issues. If you're looking to increase the visual gap under the seat, you also need a low mount exhaust

  • Takagawa now sell a height adjustable shock Ben could help u out

  • how much are they Karl?

  • £145 I think but you'll need to check with Ben Harman

  • Or you could buy my 14" wheels

  • RRP £140

    10% Off to members so £126.00 :)

  • ill be having one of those after crimbo cheers gents

  • Doing any xmass deals on your big bore kits Ben?

  • Message me what your after :)