• Alright guys so I m going in today to do a valve adjustment and a few other...

    Alright guys so I'm going in today to do a valve adjustment and a few other things on my 170cc matrix 2 and Im curious about people's opinions. I've heard that most 150cc motors are set at 003 intake and 004 exhaust, but would that be any different on a motor that is 170cc stock? It's a 161qmk. I'm pretty sure they need adjusting because I'm just hitting 220 miles and I've already done my oil change, and I still don't seem to have the same power that I did when I very first got it running again. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Yes I had changed the idle from the old one to the new one and it ran like garbage. The holes in the base of my stock jets are twice the size of the ones from the new carb. I couldn't even use the whole main Jet, just the actual Jet head. I had tried switching both jets out of the old carb into the new one and it was just crap, like no idle, only ran at full throttle. After putting the stock idle Jet from the new carb back into it and the base of the main new Jet with the head of the old jet it went back to running like normal.

    • Or at least as close to normal as I've been able to achieve. My stock old carb had way more power then this new one but it still gets me up there pretty quickly lol

    • They can be picky, but you can usually get it back to normal with tuning, study the spark plug and adjust accordingly too your needs, I would imagine you are running rich?

    • Yeah, pretty rich. Im getting no where near 90mpg

    • I can smell the extra fuel in my tailpipe. I've tried to turn that a/f screw until it almost completely came out the carb and it still didn't help.

    • It just continues to run exactly the same no matter what I do with the screw

    • It may not be sealing completely, try ordering a rebuild kit that includes it, the extra fuel is saturating your motor, it's great to reduce heat but not great for performance, if you poor gas on a match in a cylinder it will just go out once the oxygen is burned up. No gain in power lol.

    • Shit it definitely hasn't helped heat at all either

    • I'll do that man. Or I'll try to see if between the two of them I can manage to get one of them working properly

    • This is the only video I can get of it at the time.

    • Dumbass question time, 30 miles would be a piece of cake on my bike correct? I've done it before one a stock 150 gy6 and I figured since I had the oil cooler I could probably go a little farther then that even couldn't I?

    • I might be reading this wrong but I can't figure out the question lol.

    • Lol it might be the way I worded it, basically do you believe my bike would be fine to make a 30 mile trip somewhere and then the 30 mile trip home. I've done it on a 150 before but never on my 170 and this one has the built in oil cooler so that should mean I can a little bit farther then a 150 without the oil cooler can't I?

    • Hell yeah it should be fine, 1 you have an oil cooler, single best thing for that motor, more oil is always better. I have the 150 and I just went on a 100 mile ride Saturday, no problems, and I have yet to add the cooler. You shouldn't have any worries.

    • Awesome, thanks man. I just want to get her out and open it up. I've only been riding around town so max I've been 45 but I've tried to avoid wot for longer then a second or two. Now that is at 226 miles I should be good to get on it a little bit.

    • As long as you've changed your brake in oil your good to go.

    • Hell yeah man, I changed that shitty oil out when I bought it, she had been sitting since 2009 and only had 68 miles when I bought it. That oil had to go instantly.