Alright guys Took my first spin on the V45 today despite 35 mph winds and 35...


Alright guys. Took my first spin on the V45 today despite 35 mph winds and 35 degree temps. Anyways, the thing really won't rev over 5k. It hadn't run in around a year I believe and wouldn't start when I fueled it up. Got it started on ether, then she took off and ran. Leaked fuel outta the carbs pretty bad for a few minutes, but that stopped (stuck floats? I'm no carb guru). Revs fine w no load, but under load just starts sputtering around 5k.

Any suggestions? I put some seafoam through the tank to see if that helps.

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  • My customers always call or come back to me and say the same thing after a carb rebuild. They ask me if I installed a new engine? Or if I suped it up? They can't believe how much different the bike runs. I've had iza mechanics pull the carbs and charge hundreds. Carbs still not right. Everyone ask me why its so much better after I'm done with them. I clean everything. Not just the jets. All new seals. Floats. Needles and seats. If your going to do it do it right the first time! Mpg will go up as well as hp. Easy starts both hot and cold. While the bikes are apart I put new accel wires and autolight double platinum plugs in them. I myself would never risk internals being damaged from lean mixtures or chemicals. Fix it right is what I say.

  • Btw I would take a carb over a fuel injector any day of the week. Carbs work by on demand. Which to me is natural aspirated. There is nothing natural about a computer.

  • As far as I am concerned, throw the carbs in the garbage...all of them. As far as I am concerned, fuel injection is superior in everyway. A carb is an efficient way to mix fuel and air inefficiently.

  • wait a min? you have on your page you own a auto repair shop? and you cant fix your bike? the only poeple who would say that carbs are junk and throw them away are people who cant and dont understand how they work or how to set them up.thats what seperates the men from the boys in the auto mechanics world. going around saying things like that you will never be refered to as a automotive tech. you will always be a mechanc. dont worry though. anytime you cant figure something out autozone will be there to tell you how to fix it! lmao.

  • Haha I disagree. Guys who can only work on carbs will be the mechanics. I work on carbs if I have to, but I think they are junk. Injection is just way more efficient. I admit, I lack experience on carbs, but I'm not upset about that. I send them down the road to the old timer who is afraid of computers, because that is his thing. He's way more efficient at fixing a carb than I'll ever be, because that's what he has done for 40 years. Diagnosing an EFI system is where prefer to spend my time.

  • I still like your idea, Bill Dixon. I was thinking about it last night some more. Coming up with a manifold/throttle body setup I think is the biggest hurdle.

  • I'm wondering if the fuel injection of another bike can be modified...

  • Were the ST1100s ever injected?

  • I dunno... Lol minutes away from that purchased test I spoke of .... But I'll be back