Alright here s my issue I bought my 06 CBR600RR used and when I went to go...


Alright here's my issue. I bought my 06 CBR600RR used and when I went to go change the cct if found a little problem; the jackass who had it before my totally stripped out one of the two hex bolts that hold it down, I mean completely rounded it out so no allen key will work and now I can't get it out; any suggestions?????

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  • How good are you with a drill and easyouts

  • Vise grips? Torx or star bits? Chisel and hammer if you dont have dremel?

  • vice grips ... or a hammer and punch ... sounds bad i know but means must

  • It's impossible to get any other tool in there. If anyone else has this bike you'll know exactly what I'm talking about

  • Picture?

  • Not home at the moment, will post later

  • Ok. I'm a Tool & Die Maker. So, if I can see it, I can probably let you know the best way to get it out.

  • Take a tork's socket just a bit bigger than the stripped out one and hammer it in, unscrew and replace with new...........

  • YUP! That's it! Total bitch to get to. It's the bottom one that's stripped out

  • Considering the orientation of that thing, that's actually a pretty good idea. The socket is already screwed anyway, so nothing to lose by trying it first, before more drastic measures.

  • Many ways.. basically boils down to the situation. All these methods are great. But i bet only one or two can be applied in that situation

  • Show a pic.. a lot of times just slotting or gripping with good vice grips will get it worked out. Or grip it out then slot it for a driver.

  • Pic has been posted. It's the bottom bolt

  • Yep. No choice really. Vice grip it

  • Can't get to it with vice grips

  • I've heard if you get the socket that fits it and pack it with foil and shards of wire wool it can create enough grip to loosen the bolt

  • Is that not the bolts I'm seeing? You should be able to get some needle nose grips on that bolt.

  • But yeah I can see how it would be tough. Would be in small amounts.

    If that is the head I'm seeing. Head of the bolts.. just hacksaw a groove in it.

  • Center punch and hammer. All you have to do is get it started, and then you can unscrew it by hand:

    Take a center punch, and place it on the knurled side of the fastener, just to the right of the center. Then strike the center punch with a hammer, so as to move the head of the screw in a counterclockwise direction.

  • Great idea Chris. I imagine if he can't get a hit on the knurled part he could drill a small flat spot or something.

  • Torqued down too tight, already tried

  • I've never had that technique fail, IF you can get a good bite, and the proper angle on it. Usually a short, sharp "snap" on the head, about a ten degree angle is all.

    If all else fails, can that whole unit be removed? That may be the only recourse. Then it can be drilled out, with a left handed drill, and an easy out.

  • And try Kroil. It's a penetrating oil. Works better than ANY other.

  • Short of pulling the motor I don't think there is another way of getting to it.

  • Weld something to it then. Just make sure you can spin whatever you weld to it, with nothing in the way.

  • When I did machine work easy outs were life savers!