Alright. So im going up and down on putting the 400ex carb on to my 85 350


Alright... So im going up and down on putting the 400ex carb on to my 85 350. But. Seems there could be several probs while doing it. Anyone done it? Worth it? What jetting would i need? I also heard it makes the 350 start harder? Any help? Thanks.

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  • listen the only issue you will run into it the intake boot to your engine is to small for the carb so youll have to either take it off and boil it to fit it or just take a heat gun and push the carb on while your heating it. no rejetting or anything if that 400 carb is stock. my trike starts better and has so much more power. my opinion its the best and one of the first upgrades you should do to these trikes. any more questions just ask.

  • Joe, even if i have a DG?

  • yea bud. im running a k&n and keep my spark arrestor out of my stock exhuast. youll be fine man. make sure its stock. then just try it out. it may be trial and error for some reason but worth every bit of it when its finally working. i was fortunate enough to literally bolt it up with the throttle cable, hook a gas line to it and it literally started in 3 kicks.

  • What year did you get?

  • Im lookin at 04

  • Not sure it doesnt matter though. Hell these hondas would love efi to but i aint got money for that. Pretty sure mine was an 04 now that i think about it

  • Ill do It. Ill let you know