Alrighty another fun filled question about my money pit Haha I ve got the...


Alrighty another fun filled question about my money pit. Haha I've got the velocity stacks and open exhaust and appropriate jetting for such mods. New issue is that it's spitting fuel from 1 pipe. Thought maybe condensation from what I've read on line but it is indeed fuel as it caught on fire. No harm it went out right away. Did some research and was suggested that it's the float valves I've ordered new ones and should be here today. Does this sound like I'm on the right track? Anyone else have this issue and what was your fix? Thanks PFA

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  • You change jets and adjust air/fuel mixture screw?

  • Oh sorry misread the jet parts.

  • You only have a single carb - if it was a stuck float, both pipes would be doing it. Look at your spark, and see if you have no fire on the suspect cylinder.

  • Wait, my bad...thought it was a different bike. never mind the previous comment....Yes, today I am the idiot...LoloL

  • Gas in that tank

  • Nothing but rust

  • Just today ...

  • That doesn't include Saturdays...that's my day to make bad choices ...undisciplined and unsupervised...

  • Lol. I got to weld up a hole in the tank above the gas cap due rust. I cleaned my tank with some acid. Worked great but make some weak spots were it was really thin

  • I'd say it was probably sticking

  • Eeeesh...