Am after abit advice ive got a pcx 2010 was looking at upgrading to a fonza are...

Am after abit advice ive got a pcx 2010 was looking at upgrading to a fonza are xmax but am not sure what to get and what is the top seep of the fonza any one thanks

  • Forza leaves other scooters standing good all rounder, mirrors can be a bit fiddly to adjust, but still a 10/10 job

  • I am happy with my forza , I can get 83 mph out off mine . Prefer the forza over my pcx as it more comfortable to ride.

  • Le Forza 125 devient aussi culte que le Vespa px 125

  • I had the PCX 13 model but the Forza is something else in my honest opinion go and get the Forza you will not regret it

  • Thanks alots has any one had any problems

  • Only the wait some had (not me) for delivery

  • I was like you, couldn't decide which. Took both for a test . Both great. But the Forza mirrors did my head in, bought the xmax in the end. Since then took my mates Forza for a longer run and boy am i glad i got the x max. To me the yam just shades it.

  • Forgot to add both will hit 70 - 75. Dont beleive the claims that they do 80 +,

  • The claims are true the Forza will do 80 mph, just had my first service and hit 78 mph no problem before i had to slow down. Never ridden an Xmax so do not know which is better. I know the Yamaha's are very well built. I guess they both offer different things to different people, i would suggest neither is a bad bike or not worth buying. The Forza Mirrors are an art to get right, but on the plus side, they are small enough to filter through tight traffic and they are easy to fold for parking in small spaces, i fold mine all the time......

  • My write up has had over 7000 views, it may even help you.

  • Great review thank u very much paul

  • PCX can make max 110 KM/h. Forza makes max 125 Km/h. But there's a device you can change, that can increase to 140.

  • There is a lot of go fast goodies for scooters with Malosi rollers etc. I have a x max , its one of the most reliable scooters out there, and probably has the biggest choice of go faster gear. The thing is, Honda and Yamaha spent a fortune developing the Forza + Xmax both are excellent 125 s . I bought mine as i wanted a small scoot with s bit of go, if i wanted more go i would of gonev for a 250.

  • Forgot to add, if you tune your scoot you risk reliability. Have you got a full licence for more power. How much will it affect your insurance. Love your Forza as it is.. plus when you sell it, think ? Would YOU buy a tuned scoot.

  • O have a unlimited license. Would never change my Forza. Just said there's a possibility to make it go faster.

  • I can get 132 km/h out of mine and can faster than that if I want to

  • Just tell me how. I'm lighter than you. The Forza has a device that cuts the engine at 125 km/h. How can you manage 132 km? What is not original?

  • I can get 83 mph out of mine or has it coverts to 134 km/h. And I could probably get about nearly 90 if I wanted to go in the red on the rev counter