• Am enjoying my new Forza 125 and one of the main reasons I bought one is for...

    Am enjoying my new Forza 125 and one of the main reasons I bought one is for the folding mirrors and as I don't have a drive way I reverse my bike in to the garden and now I don't have problems catching the mirrors on the gate posts. Does anyone fold their mirrors in or don't fold them at all. I also noticed that the mirrors also fold upwards

    • I fold mine down when the Forza is in the garage. I also fold them down when getting between my car and my next door neighbour's car as they are parked together on our respective driveways.

    • I also store mine in the back garden and have to fold one of the mirrors in so it gets through the gate

    • I fold mine when i cover it and when i filter through traffic

    • How do you manage to do that whilst riding yer bike.

    • I fold mine up to get it through the the gate. In fact my handle bars what is catching on the posts.

    • When going slow i use my left hand to put them up or down when cleared traffic

    • wouldn't you lose balance

    • I have not lost my balance yet , i just cotectrat

    • whilst riding I am able to reach the mirrors to adjust them but never be able to fold them

    • If u can reach to adjust u can also fold them down as well

    • will give it a go but not feeling confident

    • Give it a go tim

    • Always fold when at home

    • I fold mine down when parked in the garage and when using the bike cover.☺

    • I fold mine in my garage and when i park at work, one of the best parts of this scooter.