And here is the dreaded guide plug leak aka don t keep riding or this is what...

And here is the dreaded guide plug leak (aka, don't keep riding, or this is what you'll end up with!)......this is the second part of the leak, the main leak happened at the gas pump in the background and went almost the length of the bike. Ouch. 3 Harley guys pulled in and had to take pictures of the HONDA with a huge oil slick under it and they also loaned their helmet sticker "Friends don't let friends ride rice burners" for the photo op! Elko, Nevada circa 2007, on my way back to CA from St. Louis, MO, up through Wisconsin, etc.

  • I posted the wholee thing I have the file still on my computer if anyone needs it

  • I had the same problem on my 99. I took the rubber from a freeze plug and stuffed it between the frame and the plug. haven't lost a single drop since.

  • Really not that bad of a job. The Delphi forum walked me through it. They have some great documentation in it.

  • If the parts get here, mines being done this weekend.

  • My group took off for a ride last night and within 10 min the last rider dropped off out of sight. One of us went back to see what happened and his primary case cover had fallen off the Harley. Somehow 5 bolts came loose and off it came. We came up with two that would hold it on tip he got home

  • About 40 minutes later we were doing a twisty rode and one of the guys went off the road with girl friend on the back. He bloodied his nose, she went over his shoulders into the ditch and rock cut she was blacked out face down. came to and blacked out about 7 times before the ambulance got there. The fire trucks got her stabilized on a body board . God I hope she's okay

  • Shawn Flanagan, wow....hope she is ok, too! Its scary stuff any time a rider goes down, especially if you aren't "near" anything. We had a couple go down about 4 years ago, at least 35 miles from anywhere....took a good long time to get the ambulance there. Everything ended up ok, but still nerve wracking.

  • Whoa.

  • Moral of story don't ride with Shawn. He's bad luck

  • Randy Goolsby, yeah....I like most lakes, but Lake Rotella was really no fun, haha.

  • It was -almost- clean :-)