• And she SCORES 4 days gone 4 days not checking eBay 4 days of not spending...

    And she SCORES! 4 days gone....4 days not checking eBay....4 days of not spending money on Aero parts, lol. Decide to check before I go to bed: BUY IT NOW for a discontinued new-in-the-package Cobra Front Hub Cover 05-5122 for the Aero 1100! $59 and free shipping! WHOO HOO!!!!

    • Were y'all sleeping at the wheel while I was gone????

    • Tami is back and going strong!

    • LOL Jeff Spangler, going strong towards going broke, haha.

    • I saw it, It was in NJ, I said to myself " enough "

    • Collin Baldwin, THANK YOU!

    • Np, just find me a set of fender extensions and were even,lol

    • LOL, well, there is an Aero on eBay with a $2000 opening bid - buy the fender extensions that are on it for $2k and get the Aero for FREE!

    • K