And so it begins


And so it begins. ....

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  • Wowsers!!! Good luk mate!!

  • I've stripped down and rebuilt worse than this before. One thing I've noticed is that it's far more cost effective just to purchase most bits new instead of rebuilding the originals.

  • very true. what year model?? You I'm the same at the moment....spent $500 on an Almost running 1989 and just fiddling with headlights that keep blowing and don't stay glowing.

  • The bare frame is a 69 ct90. And the roller is a 94 110. Its going to be a modified bike and to be used as a daily runner. My work is a 11km ride from home. You would have the 6volt electrics on your bike if it's an 89

  • Yeah...checked battery and the likes. Next step is the regulator....??

  • It will swallow more hours than $$

  • Does anyone know where I can get a parts catalogue or fish parts finder. ?