Another Friday morning deadly motorcycle accident on I 10 We average 1 3 a...


Another Friday morning deadly motorcycle accident on I-10. We average 1-3 a week out here. Sometimes I ask myself are we crazy for riding bikes?? I am not afraid to ride but I know very well that every ride could be my last ride. Almighty God knows I so enjoy the ride

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  • Happens alot here too..

  • Follow up on this morning bike accident.....traffic on interstate was piled up when a biker and passenger on a Honda Goldwing rear ended a auto throwing bike driver off into left lane. Another auto ran over him killing him. Passenger sustained non life threatening injuries. Sad

  • Is it the road, or the rider skill level do you think?

  • Chris the Goldwing is a older bike. I'm thinking biker probably experienced but who knows.

  • Oops, sorry Tom, I didn't read enough comments. Yeah, a Wing is not your beginner bike. Room and visibility are like gold to a motorcycle rider on the road. I try to fill my pot. If traffic gets to be to much to feel safe, I pull off and exit and give it a few minutes to change, then pull back on...

  • You know, earlier I posted that I passed my class last weekend. This week, my car broke down. My roommate asked me why I don't just ride my bike to work rather than asking people for a ride while my car was in the shop for a day. I tried to explain that passing a class and jumping on the bike for a work commute are two different things. He passive aggressively called me a coward. I let him have it. The reason I'll be riding around my neighborhood for a while is because you'd better not be a "learner" when it gets "real." My roommate can laugh at me all he wants. Lol I ride to have fun and to live to have fun another day.

  • No offenses Thomas, sorry however that a biker lost his life. But if he rear ended a car then apparently he was't to experienced because either 1) he wasn't paying attention or 2) he was following to close. And plenty of new bikers buy to big of a bike for their first one because they might got a good deal. Older wings can be bought for a few thousand were as new will run you $15,000+

  • Skye, I did just that when I started 30 years ago. Rode around my neighborhood practicing everything (I lived in a huge housing development) I could and ventured out when I felt safe. It didn't take long but gave me the confidence to handle my bike with other vehicles around me. Always keep a sharp eye in your mirrors, especially coming to a stop. The rule of thumb is, as soon as you touch your brakes, glance in your mirrors. Most of all, go at your own pace, not everyone else's.....

  • Mike I know you are right. Yes its sad he died but could he have been safer?? I say yes. I keep my distance when riding. People are so distracted they just don't see us. They will cut us off in a blink of a eye. This driving and texting crap is the real deadly deal. Watch their eyes at intersections. Make sure they see you. I flip lights to Brights to catch their attention rev engine sound off horn. I care less what people think. I like you tubes cycle Cruz guys advice. Lots of good safe riding tips

  • I've done everything you've stated. flashed lights, blew horn, and rev engine, but I'm sure your aware, never trust that just because you see them looking or make eye contact that they see you, all to often a cager will look right past the motorcycle and see the truck blocks behind you and pull out never seeing you, though you where in plan site. It's always the things people don't see they hit. Classic cliche "I didn't see it coming" people say this with trains, and were much smaller than that. If people have trouble not realizing tracks equal train, and it's the only place it can come from then were for sure overlooked. Riding however is a calculated risk that I and my wife are willing to make. Gear wise we always wear as much as we can Lid, gloves, boots etc. No it doesn't make you bullet proof, but helps limit risk. Some will say people with gear take greater chances, I disagree, if your someone who is going to take chances, your doing such with or without gear. Everyone has a right to how they choose to ride, I'll choose the safest style I can that get me from point A to B all the time. just my thoughts