• Another Q. my bike is a 96 VT110

    Another Q: my bike is a '96 VT110.

    The VIN shows a C. The title says nothing about sub model.

    How Do I Know what it is?

    It has the ugly duck rear fender.

    Also, does it matter when looking at parts?

    • VT1100C, afterwards called Spirit, some parts are interchangeable with VT1100C2 Ace, Sabre and VT1100T Ace Tourer

    • So mine is a Spirit?

    • No, yours is the predecessor to the Spirit, but yea...its what a Spirit would be if there was a Spirit in 1996....about your ugly ducktail fender....I want it!

    • Your bike is not the spirit version. 87-96 was the standard vt1100c. Then 97-07 was the vt1100c spirit. Not much has changed except for new tank, engine redesign, more chrome, new exhaust and 5 spd trans.

    • Duel crank pin after '94. Started in 95 and it made it sound more like a Harley but lost about 10hp.

    • Dual crank does not sound like Harley, it's single crank that is in 95 ACE

    • found this is old hondashadow.net forum

      "VT1100C Used to designate the 1987-1996 4 speed models, the 1997-2007 Spirit models, and also the 1985-1986 1100 5 speed models

      VT1100C2 Used to designate the 1995-1999 ACE models and 2000-2007 Sabre models

      VT1100C3 Used to designate the 1998-2002 Aero models

      VT1100T Used to designate the 1998-2001 ACE Tourer models. These Tourer models were dual crankpin whereas the regular ACE models were single crankpin models.

      The 1998-2000 VT1100C3 and 1995-1999 regular ACE are single crankpin models, all other 1100s are dual crankpin"

    • Great information! Thanks!

    • 'Tis for sale!! Few scratches. Lights work fine.

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    • My 85 comes up as an VT1100C.