Another question Anyone have experience w running a stock CT90 exhaust on a...

Another question: Anyone have experience w/ running a stock CT90 exhaust on a Lifan 125?

  • I run stock exhaust on all my bikes: CT90, CT110, CT70, S65, CL70, etc. Never a problem.

  • All the stock exhausts will bolt to the Lifan head with no problem. Because the Lifan stroke is a little longer, it pushes the exhaust closer to the front, so the rear mounts usually require some alterations.

  • Edit: I have run into a couple of occasions where I needed to make longer collars that fit around the exhaust and hold it into the head. The Lifan exhaust port is slightly deeper than the stock Honda.

  • Wouldn't you want a larger header so as not to constrict the flow?

  • Tim, this is my Honda S65. It's my daily rider. I've put a few thousand miles on this bike with the stock exhaust. I've taken it on multiple long distance rides and ran WOT at 65+mph and never a problem. Would a larger pipe help? I'm sure it wouldn't hurt, but I prefer the stock appearance and it works just fine.

  • On CT70's, I really like these $60 eBay exhaust. Looks stockish and works great for the type of riding I do. My 125cc CT70's will hit 55-58mph with this exhaust. I really don't have a need to go faster than that on 10" wheels.

  • I had a 65 when I was a kid

  • I'd like to find an s65 or 90 but I've rarely seen Cubs much less any other models.